We are in the process of converting our books to all of the most popular E-book formats.

The following titles have been converted to Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony, Apple, and Kobo formats, and are now available for purchase. In addition, these titles are available for loan through the public library's Overdrive system.


Yakov Azriel
Beads for the Messiah's Bride
Swimming in Moses' Well

Louis Daniel Brodsky
"The Talking Machine" and Other Poems
At Dock's End

At Shore's Border
At Water's Edge
By Leaps and Bounds
The Capital Café
Catchin' the Drift O' the Draft (short fictions)

Combing Florida's Shores
Disappearing in Mississippi Latitudes
The Eleventh Lost Tribe
Eying Widening Horizons
Forever, for Now
Gestapo Crows

Getting to Unknow the Neighbors (short fictions)
A Gleam in the Eye
Hopgrassers and Flutterbies
Just Ours
Leaky Tubs (short fictions)
Mistress Mississippi
Nuts to You! (short fictions)

Once upon a Small-Town Time
Our Time
Paper-Whites for Lady Jane
Peddler on the Road
Pigskinizations (short fictions)
Preparing for Incarnations

Rabbi Auschwitz
Rated Xmas (short fictions)
Résumé of a Scrapegoat

Saul and Charlotte
Seizing the Sun and Moon
Shadow War, Volume One
Shadow War, Volume Two
Shadow War, Volume Three
Shadow War, Volume Four
Shadow War, Volume Five
Showdown with a Cactus

Still Wandering in the Wilderness
Stranded in the Land of Transients
The Swastika Clock
Taking the Back Road Home
This Here's A Merica (short fictions)
Tiffany Shade
Toward the Torah, Soaring

A Transcendental Almanac
Trilogy: A Birth Cycle
Voice Within the Void
With One Foot in the Butterfly Farm (short fictions)

The World Waiting to Be
Yellow Bricks (short fictions)
You Can't Go Back, Exactly

Gary Fincke
Reviving the Dead

Charles Fishman
Chopin's Piano

CB Follett
One Bird Falling

Robert Hamblin
Keeping Score

David Herrle
Abyssinia, Jill Rush

Norbert Krapf 
Looking for God's Country

Gardner McFall
The Pilot's Daughter
Russian Tortoise

Joseph Meredith
Inclinations of the Heart

Ben Milder
From Adolescence to Senescence

Brenda Marie Osby
History and Other Poems

Charles Rammelkamp
Fūsen Bakudan

Joseph Stanton
A Field Guide to the Wildlife of Suburban O'ahu

Susan Terris

Our newest offerings:

Longing for the Blessing: Midrashic Voices from Toldot, by Judith Sarah Schmidt

The voices in Longing for the Blessing are the voices of the Biblical patriarchs and matriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah. But because this is a work of midrash — a rabbinic art form which searches for meaning in Holy Writ through the creation of imagined dialogue and extension of narrative — the voices are startling fresh, achingly real.

Judith Sarah Schmidt has created an extraordinary work. She inhabits and voices each character, or perhaps it might be truer to say that the characters inhabit her and voice her. In any event, she seems to know them intimately and presents them to us without contrivance, as if speaking from a place deep within their lived experience.


A Mississippi Trilogy: A Poetic Saga of the Modern South, by Louis Daniel Brodsky

A passionate exploration of the Faulkner country.… Art copes with nature and reshapes it. The author confesses himself an "outsider" but he has an observant eye and he knows his Faulkner in spirit and detail. The poems themselves are sharply perceptive, honest, tense, and yet properly varied in mood and tone. The best of them are indeed excellent.

Sharon Tate and the Daughters of Joy, by David Herrle

In this collection of poetry and prose topics such as beauty, aesthetics, art, atrocity, mortality, history, envy, revolution, sexuality, entropy and the need for Grace are contextualized by the infamous fates of three famous women: Queen Marie Antoinette, Ripper-victim Mary Jane (Marie Jeanette) Kelly and Sharon (Marie) Tate.

The following are some of the questions the author raises: What’s in a name — and what’s in a nose? Is there a war on beauty? Is war this world’s god? What inspires a mob to behead a queen? Who will save the Garbo With a Thousand Faces? What do Jack the Ripper and Iago have in common? Is art moral or autonomistic, and what net can catch it? Can a coffin become a lifebuoy? Why was Sharon Tate killed by the Mansons? Will the Scarlet Pimpernel rise again? Is it better to recite or re-sight?

The Words of My Mouth and The Meditations of My Heart, by Louis Daniel Brodsky

This newest book of poetry by Louis Daniel Brodsky, The Words of My Mouth and the Meditations of My Heart, was written in the aftermath of the discovery of his brain cancer and a complicated operation and chemotherapy. During his long period of convalescence and treatment, the poet transforms his pain and struggle into a sequence of poetic meditations and prayers that can inspire and enrich the reader.