From Adolescence to Senescence: A Life in Light Verse

by Ben Milder



"Silence is golden," so goes the cliché.
It was valid of yore, and it’s valid today.
I am sure, in my heart, I still cherish the notion,
But my mouth seems to be in perpetual motion.

I remember, in school days, when I was quite young,
My teacher had trouble controlling my tongue.
She would rap on my knuckles until they were blue
And remind me that God had a plan for me, too:

He had meted out so many words, for my share,
And at the rate I was going, I would have none to spare.
Since the Lord is a very meticulous planner,
I should have revised my loquacious manner.

In the years, as they've passed, I have frequently pondered
On how much of my portion of words I have squandered
But apparently I have been quite well supplied,
'Cause, in truth, I just seem to be hitting my stride,

Though, perhaps, on reflecting, I should be more astute,
'Cause I'd hate to outlast them and finish up mute.

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From Adolescence to Senescence is not so much Ben Milder's autobiography in poetry as it is a sort of poetic "photo album" of the author's life. Each of the book's twelve sections is a page of snapshots that lets us see what's made this master of light verse keep on ticking well into his nineties. Milder's delightful and poignant poems on everything from work and socializing and faith to love and travel and family reflect a life both examined and lived to its fullest. So, come along, with Ben Milder, on a journey from the teenage years to the ripe old age of young-at-heart.





For some people, simple prose is not enough. From Adolescence to Senescence: A Life in Light Verse is a memoir of poetry from Ben Milder, who offers the experiences of his life in the form of poetry, speaking with honesty and in unique language. From Adolescence to Senescence is a fascinating read that has plenty of wisdom to behold.
Midwest Book Review


This book is available in Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo, and Apple E-book formats, for purchase, and through public libraries' Overdrive account, for loan.

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