Love Is Funny, Love Is Sad

by Ben Milder


Gone, Those Passions Once Assailing Us

Sexual games with regularity
Now are something of a rarity.
But signs of incompatibility
Loom due to loss of our virility.

Acts we once engaged in nightly
Back when we were young and sprightly
We just talk about politely
Now that we are both unsightly.

Hormones which they call "androgynous"
Seemingly no longer lodge in us.
Wild sex parties keep on dodgin' us,
Even though we're not misogynous.

Gone, those passions once assailing us.
Gone, the Club Med ads they were mailing us.
And since our memory is failing us,
We don't even know what's ailing us.

Sex, once cause for jubilation,
Is now just dreams and contemplation.
We've reached, alas, the realization
It's on a permanent vacation.

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Ben Milder, the master of light verse, makes us laugh and cry, with his book Love Is Funny, Love Is Sad. The volume's first half examines the follies of love, sex, and married life, with humor often verging on uproarious, while the second half explores love's deeper essence, with poems of a more reflective, poignant nature. A touching portrayal of how passion evolves from our youth to old age, leaving us feeling that love is an exquisite gift to be cherished. Reading it is like falling in love all over again!


Ben Milder's new collection. . . . is as funny and good as his first one, which is mighty good indeed.
— X. J. Kennedy, author of Fresh Brats and Cross Ties: Selected Poems

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