The Zoo You Never Gnu: A Mad Menagerie of Bizarre Beasts and Birds

by Ben Milder


The hackee is a little squirrel,
But could it also be
The weekend golfer's little ball
That sits upon a tee?

Just think, a donor's largesse
Always goes to the donee,
And the recipient of honors
Now becomes the honoree.

If a golfer's score for eighteen holes
Is one hundred thirty-three,
Is that golfer not the hacker
And the ball not the "hackee"?

So, the hackee is a golf ball,
But it pays to be discreet.
I don't think I would swing at it
If it had four little feet.


hackee: a chipmunk (a small, striped American squirrel)

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At your local zoo, you've long been acquainted with the elephant, zebra, and chimpanzee. They're old friends. But what of the xiphias, hackee, zebu, and urubu? In Milder's new volume, you'll encounter these animals and more, presented in the form of a poetic palindrome, with names ranging from A to Z and back to A, and learn about the habits and idiosyncrasies of these exotic creatures. An incredibly fun book for readers of all ages!

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