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Judith Chalmer's poems have appeared in more than twenty-five literary journals and anthologies, winning first prize in the New England Writers' Association Annual Poetry Prize and honorable mention from the Pushcart Poetry Prize.  She is currently Executive Director of VSA Arts Vermont, a nonprofit devoted to arts and disability inclusion, and is the creator of a dance/narrative with oral histories, "Clearing Customs/ Cruzando Fronteras/ Preselenje," on the lives of immigrants in central Vermont (1999), and author and performer of "Don't Go in There!" a one-woman comedy on racial and ethnic consciousness in central Vermont (2002). Out of History's Junk Jar: Poems of a Mixed Inheritance, her first book of poetry, was published in 1993, by Time Being Books, and her essays have appeared in anthologies such as Under Her Skin: How Girls Experience Race in America, Urban Spaghetti, and in Celebrating the Lives of Jewish Women: Patterns in a Feminist Sampler.