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Five Facets of Myself


by Louis Daniel Brodsky



She lies there,
Leaking tears that speak
Liquidly as drunken soliloquies,
Repentant and wrong as winter
When buds still cling to bees.

I am the golden apple,
The silver blossom that falls,
Still clawing the writhing,
Soft-spilling belly.

She sits nude,
A bohemian Eve,
Weightless on bony haunches,
Detesting life that lies
Comfortably between lewd legs,
Sinking under twenty centuries of sin.

I bolt from her bedroom,
A vengeful Adam,
Half clothed and dank,
Wanting to leave forever,
Knowing severance is impossible.

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Brodsky’s first full-length book of poems, Five Facets of Myself, a collection of fifty pieces, explores the broader cultural awareness of the mid 1960s, from one man’s provocative vantage point — that of a young, unencumbered student, fettered only by the "tended vastation" of "dog-eared days" spent in "a passive classroom" — as he questions the moral values, historical significance, and provincial attitudes of the time.

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