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A Gleam in the Eye: Volume One of The Seasons of Youth

by Louis Daniel Brodsky



The baby sleeps
In steep, gleaming clouds

Crowded in eastern flower beds.
She dreams destinies conceived by God,
Climbs a stairway made of stars
Braided with time-webs

To hold it firmly
During the first few years
Of the Earth-journey bequeathed her.

She stirs, turns her head,

Sighs quietly.
Symbols, like sand granules,
Stream by her hemispheres,
Toward interpretations yet evolving.
She is Trilogy Maya,
Our newborn being,
Whose unformulated brain

Patiently awaits final instructions
For her first voyage

To the bright side of the mind's full moon.

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What mom doesn't recall the magical seasons surrounding the birth of her baby — the anticipation felt during pregnancy; the pain and pride, on delivering; the joy of watching her child grow? And what dad can forget saying to himself, upon first holding his infant, "I'm really a father now," with all the accompanying awareness of being responsible for another human being? Chronicling the development of his own firstborn, from her conception through age one, Louis Daniel Brodsky provides, for us all — from experienced parents to those who have yet to see that "gleam in the eye" — a window on that glorious time.


Parenthood is something truly magical and unique. A Gleam in the Eye: Volume One of The Seasons of Youth will warm the hearts of many parents.
Midwest Book Review

I enjoyed A Gleam in the Eye and felt I could see not only the child, but all children dreaming and concerned, nurtured and growing.
— Maya Angelou, author of Gather Together in My Name

Never has a father celebrated the infancy of a first baby with such lyrical precision, and grave attention, with such delightful humor.
— May Sarton, author of Kinds of Love and In Time Like Air

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