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Forever, for Now: Poems for a Later Love

by Louis Daniel Brodsky


Youth Is Wasted on the Young

At our age, we waste no motions;
Each gesture and innuendo is foreplay.
No energy expended nor labor maintained
Is superfluous or redundant
But rather is a component of spontaneity
Engaged in for the sake of celebrating Love.

We picnic on a moment’s notice,
Without ulterior motives,
Just to throw down a blanket
And get close enough to the earth
To listen to its murmurous blood
Circulating through roots, shoots, and buds.

We take our beat from the Maker’s cadence,
Express echoes of divinity
Kissing wet lips,
Letting fingertips touch twitching lids,
And, entering our souls through our eyes,
Risk the ultimate invasion of privacy.

We savor every conversation, embrace,
And radiant lovemaking
As though today could somehow be a prophecy
Of tomorrow’s holocausts.
Blessed we consider ourselves
For having discovered consanguineous wisdom

In the design of our entwined intellects.
We seek pleasure for each other
And measure it by climaxes simultaneously achieved.
So precious is our togetherness
We know better than to squander a second,
Lest Time arrest our innocence before its time.


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These poems follow the first year of a relationship between two middle-aged lovers finding each other after surviving the travails of divorce.


In Forever, for Now, Mississippi River poet Louis Daniel Brodsky has written a Huckleberry Finn of latter-day love. Cutting loose from worlds that have gone dismally wrong — "desperate, desolate, defunct marriages" — the protagonist and his beloved Janie hide from the world aboard a raft for two, drifting towards self-enfranchisement and love. . . . What love’s skepticism opens for this poet is his participation in the human experience . . . in a recurring history that flows like the river.
— Sanford Budick, founding director of the Center for Literary Studies, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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