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Monday's Child


by Louis Daniel Brodsky


The Golden Chain

Sweet Maya is on her way.
She comes dressed in brocades
And green, lacy crinolines
Everywhere bustling. A dervish
Fancifully freed on the heartland
Entertains us with her quick changes.

Her first birthday imminent,
Her second spring begun,
She has become a piece of the seasons,
Connected to us by an umbilicus
Attaching the days to God

And God to every generation
That has perpetuated itself in us
Through love and soft compassion.
The leaves are ancient people
Returned to witness her rebirth
As the golden chain is lengthened.



Monday’s Child, a collection of twenty-six poems, is a father’s joyful, awestruck chronicle of his baby girl’s first year of life, describing the incredible discoveries both parents and child make as the newborn, "a little soul growing older," becomes a toddler and experiences everything from crawling and walking to the "sheer, shrill thrill of babblement."

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