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Our Time: Love Passages with Linda, Volume Two

by Louis Daniel Brodsky

Between Breaths

You came from so far away,
Once upon a so-long-ago, much younger time,
To be so near, in our dearest years, Linda.

What spirit or godhead steered you here,
To be so close to me, so intimate, so open,
Our bodies rising, falling in unison, in our union?

Was it randomness or benign design
That brought our hearts, our souls, together,
From such disparate parts of love's geography,

To this state of candid adoration,
In which you and I progress our lives,
Believing every day's tomorrow is the next forever?

Our only answer is a touch, a caress, a kiss,
Whenever we rest in the lush valleys
That stretch between each other's breaths.


Our Time continues the love passages begun in Just Ours, with sensuous poems describing the growing and deepening intimacy of two irrepressibly youthful lovers in the fullness of their years — a couple who revel in traveling, from their homes, in St. Louis, to Chicago, Florida, Laguna Beach, to celebrate themselves and their families; two sensitive spirits exploring, even more deeply, the heights of the romance shaping their shared souls.


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