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Just Ours: Love Passages with Linda, Volume One

by Louis Daniel Brodsky

VIII. Convenant of Us

These gifts of recent days come upon our glowing shadows very fast
And go very much faster, without passing,
Leave us fascinated, luminescing in lasting happiness,

Dazzle us, with their faceted phosphorescences of honesty,
Those moments of shared wisdom we disclose,
From the reservoirs of our souls’ pleasures and sorrows.

Time wanes, fades, lapses, collapses back on itself,
Then waxes, regathers, surges, as though it were a nurturing ocean
Cradling, embracing us, in its waves, bathing us, in its selfless grace,

Gently transporting us to places, destinations, possibilities
Which, though we’ve sojourned there before,
Seem to be welcoming us to their balmy shores for the first time —

Two evolving lovers, from separate families, histories, fates,
Eager not to relocate youth’s fountains of insouciance,
Taste of their spendthrift elixirs, but to capture their essences,

The iridescent spray that hovers in the imagination, as rainbow mist,
Whenever we stare into each other’s eyes,
Eyes glistening with wistful tears mixed with whispering kisses.

Finally, of this season suffused in trusting innocence,
At the beginning of who we’re, minute by day by dream, becoming,
All we’ll really remember, cherish, will be now,

The now that must necessarily allow us to surpass ourselves,
Enter into that blessed covenant of oneness, of us,
Which neither death nor its predecessor, emptiness, can sunder.

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Just Ours captures the tender passion of two lovers who've come to each other, as kindred souls, after full, separate lifetimes. Tracing the evolution of their relationship, from their first date to their first extended trip together, to Italy, this book of verse is a lyrical celebration of closeness, each poem a distillation of the loving oneness neither knew was possible — timeless "just ours" intimacies they create for themselves alone.



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