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Seizing the Sun and Moon: Volume Three of The Seasons of Youth

by Louis Daniel Brodsky


Water Lilies

After our three years of primordial sleep,
Grace shapes us into water lilies
Efflorescing in morning’s light,
From out of night’s quiet hiding.

A subdued, Edenic mood
Urges us to renew our acquaintanceship with procreation,
Awakens us to an inchoate, coalescing life
Enlarging inside my wife’s luxuriant calyx.

An aquatic flower waits to embrace us,
Make us custodians for the hopes of a people
Accustomed to plastic nosegays and sprays.

Adrift, we sit alone, shivering, entranced.
Our marriage, friendship, oneness
Undulate below the banks of an unfathomable lake
Floated with omens, oracles, and fantasies.

Effacement done, dilation begun,
We tremble, in anticipation of the hour
When processes of upheaval and eruption
Will change, once more, love’s supple covering

And its corolla will bud open,
Exposing a white-robed soul
Tenderly scented with our own genes’ aroma.

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The third volume of The Seasons of Youth celebrates the author’s growing family, with the birth of a son. Father and mother revisit the daily joys and challenges of seeing a child flourish from infancy into the preschool years, while they marvel at their daughter’s rapid physical and social development, as she progresses from age three to six and a half, exhibiting the first hints of who she’ll be as an adult. In thirty-nine poems that poignantly dramatize the interweaving of four lives, Louis Daniel Brodsky shares myriad rituals of childrearing (bathing, meal time, school days, pets, playing, first words, getting ready for bed), all of which offer chances to experience the coming-of-age wonders of early maturation and the rites of initiation into love’s simple complexities — opportunities to seize the sun and moon.





Watching one's child grow into an adult is one of the most prideful and rewarding experiences one can have. Seizing the Sun and Moon: Volume Three of the Seasons of Youth is the third collection of poetry from Louis Daniel Brodsky, as he reflects on the youth of his daughter and her young life, coming to terms with what she will become. Sure to entice many a parent and poetry lover, Seizing the Sun and Moon is not to be missed.

 — Midwest Book Review



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