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Abyssinia, Jill Rush

by David Herrle


Mary Poppins Breaks My Little Heart

Descend windchanger
Spoon medicine into this sick man.

You the camera lucida
Me the camera obscura.

Carry eternity in your bag
Blow away old age.

Your smile on my umbilicus
My heart wakes like an umbrella.

I was born here obscura
You came here lucida.



In this, his first book of poems, David Herrle reaches a breathtaking new dimension of poetic narrative. The poems here are snapshots that magically capture moments from a truly candid, often confessional, sometimes sublime, frequently learned, and, at times, frankly risqué perspective. Herrle fearlessly casts personal experience with pop-culture and literary references, producing a poetry that is both moving and addictive.


David Herrle emerges as one of America’s new poetic voices in his dazzling collection of poems and psalms . . . [He] achieves a breathtaking new dimension in his verses, snapshots that magically capture moments from a truly candid, often confessional, sometimes sublime, frequently learned, and at times frankly risqué perspective. A riveting read!
— Sandra J. Pyle, Ph.D., author of Mirth and Morality of Shakspeare’s Holy Fools and Point Park University teacher of Shakespeare, world literature, and writing

Abyssinia, Jill Rush
is packed with a dizzying array of pop culture and literary references that send the reader falling down the rabbit hole into a world that is both familiar and darkly opposite. Sometimes sharp, sometimes ragged, sometimes a whisper — these poems breathe with life.
— Collin Kelley, author of the novel Conquering Venus and the poetry collection After the Poison

David Herrle doesn't write poetry so much as he carves it, building an unsung territory of words. Silly and impetuous. Knotty and daring. This debut collection invites no peers.
— boice-Terrel Allen, author of Screwball Comedy/Stories Going Steady, Janet Hurst, and The Daughters of a Mother

One does not need to be a "superhero chick with x-ray vision" to see [David's] soul: it is screaming from the page, but sometimes in the slightest whisper.  This writing . . . is thoughtful, understated, moving and addictive . . . page-turner poetry with so many vivid moments.
— Terese Jungle, professor of graphic design

I read [Abyssinia, Jill Rush], then read it again and again. It stayed with me. There's something haunting and reverberating about it . . . It's just — perfect . . . the flow, the completeness to it all . . . [It's] kind of like a novel or movie that you walk away from, shaking your head because it was that good.
— Aurora Antonovic, Simply Haiku haiga editor and editor-in-chief of Magnapoets magazine

David Herrle's poems are precious gems created with clarity, economy, simplicity: compressed prose. Their meaning sneaks up on you, like "sideways rain." Let them work their magic.
— Rolf Gompertz, author of To Life! To Love!: In Poetry and Prose, A Spiritual Memoir and Sparks of Spirit, Holocaust survivor, speaker at the Simon Wiesenthal Center/Museum of Tolerance


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